gdform.asp (godaddy mailer)

bibliography-citation and
automatic bibliography generation in popup (EndNote, BibTex format from the form)

pure-asp-upload (free version of Huge ASP upload)
uploadasp (without a progress bar but clean | Home)

timeline.html (Timeline.loadXML... file, asp, etc.)

ckEditor (former fckeditor) (etc.)
ckFinder (etc.) | ckFinder standalone with asp


topos (toponim...)
topos-data vb.


streaming, subtitle, etc...
ccmp3player-demo | JW Player | JW Player-K | opensource-vid.html
opensource-vid.xml | opensource-vid-en.xml | opensource-vid.xml-tr |

glype proxy | admin (kiyiadmin...)
   note: The script requires PHP5 (or greater) with cURL enabled.
popup count etc. (PopCount, unload event test, etc.)

Server info: asp-list-server-info.asp | list-components.asp
php-test.php (php properties etc.)
cURL-post.asp (a post-back project for GAC, not finished)


jing (screen capture / screen cast, tutorial videos) my DEMO page
issuu.com: upload a document and publish (besiktasli/issuecom)
    (a digital book example: Yolsuzluk ile Savaşım Stratejileri)
    (a link example -go down of the page)
Digital Linguistic Archive (documents...)
dbpedia ("Wikipedia Data Extraction", many work to do...)
Only local...
The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit (@ http://www.ozhiker.com/electronics/pjmt/index.html)